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Reminders for Operating a Successful Business:

Below are some helpful reminders as your business continues to grow and prosper in Woodridge. 

Business License Annual Renewal

A business license is authorization from the Village stating that you may operate your business in Woodridge. All businesses, with the exception of those businesses licensed by the State of Illinois are required to obtain a business license from the Village before operating. Business licenses are administered by the Administration Department. This license must be renewed annually before May 1st of each year. 

Monthly Local Tax Filings

Depending on your business type, you may be responsible for remitting sales taxes on a monthly or annual basis. As tax regulations can be complicated, you should always consult with an expert who is familiar with your industry’s specific tax regulations and reporting requirements. 

Special Events Permitting

You may be interested in organizing an outdoor event to promote your business or want to work with other businesses in your commercial center to bring customers to your site. Special events require Village permission. The Village defines a special event as any outdoor temporary event held on village-owned or non-village owned property, including streets and sidewalks, that significantly impacts the village. 

Examples of special events include, but are not limited to: street dances, car wash fundraising events, carnivals, circuses, Woodridge Jubilee, Cultural Fest, marathons, parades, "Cruise Nights" vehicle exhibitions, firework presentations, outdoor concerts and/or musical events, and tent sales. Before moving forward with a special event, you should schedule a meeting with the Village’s Administration Department at 630-719-4712, several months ahead of the event to review the permitting requirements and any special considerations.

Temporary Signs

The Village understands that signage can be an important part of promoting your small business. The Village recently expanded and enhanced the regulations regarding temporary signage. Promotional signage is permitted for grand openings, special sales and temporary activities for up to a total of 16 weeks per calendar year. All temporary signs require written approval prior to being installed. In most cases, it takes a few days to receive written approval once all of the paperwork has been submitted. In all cases, a written letter or email outlining all of the required information must be submitted to the Community Development Department. 

Local Advertisement

Though marketing plans for a business can differ greatly, the Village wants to make sure you are aware of local resources that can help you advertise your business each year. 

In addition to mainstream radio and television advertising, you may consider advertising with local radio stations (such as the College of DuPage, Joliet Junior College, or College of Wheaton), the local newspaper (The Bugle), online, in church bulletins, at trade shows, or at various community events. 

For more information on participating in Village events, contact the Administration Department. Local chambers of commerce and business associations are also great ways to market your business and network with other local businesses. Chamber630 or the Seven Bridges Business Association might be great options for you.

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